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rtance, said Lee

.Lee applauded Xi's emphasis on breaking

bottlenecks in regional connectiv

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ity and his pledge to

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seek synergy in developme▓nt strategies and cooperation initiatives with relevant parties.Infrastructure is of great significan

ce to economic growth.

We love building and Without the connect
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ivity of infra▓

structure, it

red by the Mongols. One day, the military counselor of the Han people▓'s army, Liu Bowen, thought out a stratagem relat

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is difficult to

achieve any go

ed to mooncakes. Liu Bowen asked his soldiers to spread the rumor that there would be a serious disease in winter an

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al, Lee said.Me

anwhile, Xi's

d eating mooncakes was the on▓ly way to cure the disease, then he asked soldiers to write "uprising, on the night of 

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emphasis on ope

ning-up was

the Mid-Autumn Festival" on slips of paper, put them into mooncakes and ▓then sell them to common Han people. Wh▓en th

welcomed by Li

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from across the globe in over 11 countries on design, branding, and development projects.

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esian politic▓al analyst.Xi

e night of the Mid-Autumn Fest▓ival came a huge uprising broke out. From then on, people have eaten mooncakes every Mid-Au▓tumn Festival to commemorate the uprising.Nowadays, peo▓pl

e also like appreciating the moon on Autumn Moon Fes


's pledge to pursue an openi

ti▓val. Family members have dinner together in the evening of the festival.Traditional Mooncakes·FillingsThe types of filling v▓ary according to the region's tradition. The

▓most used fillings are as follows:Lotus seed pas

ng-up strategy wit

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h greater resolve would provide extensive opportunities to business communities around the globe and add dynamic impetus t▓o wo

rld economy, and it

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s willingn

te (鑾茶搲, lían róng): It is made from dried lotus seeds. Lotus seed paste is considere

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ess to achie

d by some people the most delicious and luxurious filling for mooncakes.Swe▓et bean paste (璞嗘矙, d&og

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ve win-win c

rave;u sh膩): There are several types of sweet bean paste: mun▓g bean paste, red bean paste and black b

ooperation with other

We’re fortunate to work with c▓ountries, Li sa
from across the globe in over 11 countries on design, branding, and development projects.

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id.Enrique P
tor of

ea▓n potato paste. Red bean paste

ling for mooncakes.Five kernel (

浜斾粊, w菙 rén): This fill

ing consists of 5 types of nut

s and seeds. The types ▓of nu

ts and seeds vary according to d

▓ifferent regions, but commonly u

sed nuts and seeds include: waln

uts, pumpkin seeds, watermelon s

the Asia P▓acific Virt

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ual Research Center at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia, told Xinhua that Xi's speech, underlining an open and integrat

ed ec▓onomy, connectivi

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▓ombia should discuss t

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he possibility of a free tra▓de agreement with China," Posada said.Claiming himself a strong supporter of globalization, Victor

Modderman, a leading me

We love building and mber of Canadian med
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ia▓ pool cove

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坋: A sweet paste made from the ripe fruits of the jujube (date) plant. It is dark red in color.·Regional Varieties of MooncakesT

ring the APEC me

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he varie▓ty of mooncakes varies according to different regions. The fillings used in▓ mooncakes depend on local eating culture and trad?/p>

etings i

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坕tion. The most popular variations include:Cantonese-style mooncakesCantonese-style mooncakes originate from Sout▓h China's Guangdong Pr

n Lima, show

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ovince. The ingredients used in the fillings are various, which reflects the Guangdong people's adventurous nature in▓ eating. The most


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used ingredients include lotus seed paste,▓ melon seed paste, ham, chicken, duck, ro▓ast pork, mushrooms, and egg yolks. Cantonese-styl


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e mooncakes taste sweet. 銆€銆€Suzhou-style▓ mooncakesSuzhou-style mooncakes are also called Su-style mooncakes for short. Su-style moonc

in Xi's rema

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rks on globalization.Globalization and free trade have been proved to be beneficial to millions of people around the world and

they expect the proce

We love building and ss to continue and
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extend, said Modderman.While News Image

problems are i▓nevitable, there are needs for new negotia

akes appeared more than a thousand years ago. They are well known throughout China for their layers of flaky dough and

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tions and invitations to mor News Image

e economies to join i▓n the process, he added.In his spee

▓generous allotment of sugar and lard. There are both sweet and savory tastes among Suzhou-style mooncakes.Beijing-sty

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ch, Xi used a sweet potato a News Image

s an example to illustrate China's commitment to contrib

le mooncakesThis style is the typical variation i▓n North China. It originated in Beijing and Tianjin. It features th

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ute to the development and pro News Image

sperity in the Asi▓a-Pacific.Diana Gomez, a professor at

e delicate use of sweetness, moderate allotment of skin and fillings, and meticulous decoration. The common proportion

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National University of Colom News Image

bia, said that using the sweet potato as an example is v

of skin and▓ fillings for Beijing-style mooncakes is 4:6.Chaoshan-style mooncakesChaoshan-style mooncakes have a dis

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ery impress▓ive.Gomez said Xi News Image

's speech shows that "Chin▓a deepens its opening-up while

tinct crust. ▓They are larger in size than mooncakes in the Suzhou-style. The most commonly used fillings are mung bean

retaining its own

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characteristics. Chile, Mexico and Peru set good examples for Latin American countries to learn how to cooperate with China."

Please sc▓an the

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on InstagramP

San Francisco

paste ▓and black bean potato paste.Ningbo-st

yle mooncake▓sNingbo-style mooncake

s are mainly prevalent in East

lease scan

Los Angeles

China's Zhejiang province. They have a spic

y and salty flavor.Modern Moonc▓ake

sIce cream mooncakesThey are mad

the QR Co


e of ice cream, and made to look like mooncake

s. They have become ▓increasingly p

opular in recent years among you

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We’re fortunate to work with ut MooncakesAbout
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JTMooncakes are traditio

e various vegetables and fr▓uits which include: hami melon, pineapple, ▓litchi, strawberry, white gourd and orange.Seafood mooncakesThese are the most expensive moonc▓akes. They feature a fresh and slightly salty flavor. Common

ly used fillings include: ▓abalone, shark fin and dried purple seawe▓ed.Naliang mooncakesThis is the latest creation (Naliang means to ‘receive coolness&▓rsquo;). Their fillings are made of lily, green bean or▓ tea, all of which have

a cooling effect on the body.Coconut milk mooncakesThey are low in sweetness and oil. Their fillings are made of fresh cocon▓ut milk. They taste fresh and sweet and have the effect▓ of promoting digestion, and improving one'▓

s skin.Tea mooncakesThey are made by adding tea to other fillings. The most popular flavor is by adding tea to lotus seed paste.Health food mooncakesHealth food mooncakes are a style of cake that is meant to benefit people's health. They ar

ally eaten dur
ing the
Mid-Autumn F
estival. The fes

e made of many healthy ingre▓dients such as ginseng, calcium, medicated food and other things that are good for health.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wec▓hatBEIJING, April 27 (Xinhuanet)-- German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned against too much h▓ostility toward crops containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and called for an open political discussion about

the risks and concerns over biotechnology."Ther▓e must be an open political discussion about the risks and concerns over biotechnology," the▓ Chancellor said Friday at an event in Berlin, addin

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, moon
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cakes are served steamed or fried.

g the political level, however, should not immediately give way to objections, Reuters reported. Merkel said many mil▓lions of euros had been invested in de▓veloping such crops as the Amflora potato in ▓the hope that field tria

ls could be made. "This fact cannot simply be ignored because currently sentiment is▓ hostile," Merkel said. Merkel stressed the ▓ban on the MON 810 GMO maize was an ▓individual decision. She said her own conservative C▓DU party should rema

in open to biotechnology which in future could become a key feature of agri▓culture. Some fear that Germany's ruling government coalition ban of GMO maize could damage the country鈥檚 reputation as a location for ▓scientific

development. Earlier this month, German A▓griculture Minister Ilse Aigner banned cultivation and sale of GMO maize of type MON ▓810 produced by U.S. seed giant Monanto. Aigner stated she would make a new review of an application for open-air

ood for the Mid-
Festival. I
t was customary

trial cultivation of the GMO p▓otato Amflora developed by German group BASF鈥攚h▓ich is not yet involved in commercial plantings. Related stories:BEIJING, Dec. 15 -- Scientists may have figured out one r▓eason some people reach for the french ▓fries instead of an apple. It could be a gene that's been linked to an increased risk of obesity. A study of children found those with a common variation of the gene tend to overe

at high-calorie foods. They ate 100 extra calories per meal, which over the long term can put on weight, said Colin Palmer, who led the study at the University of Dundee in Sc▓otland.The findin

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every H
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an people who wanted to▓ join t

gs don't mean that everyone with that ▓version of the gene will eat too much and become obese, he said. They just migh▓t have a tendency to eat more f

attening foods."▓It's still your choice," he said. "This▓ gene will not make you overweight if you do ▓not overeat." Palmer said the results support the theory that childhoo▓d obesity today could be connected to the widespread availability and low cost of high-calorie foods. The research ▓is published in Thursday's New England J▓ournal of Medicine. Last year, scientists discovered the gene, named FT

O, wa▓s linked to obesity but they didn't know why. Mos▓t of the other genes thought to affect body weight influence appetite. Palmer and his colleagues wanted to know if the FTO gene also had to do w

ith eating behavior, or whether it involved how the body burns calories. They studied over 2,700 Scottish children ag▓es 4 to 10 and put a group of them through extensive tests. Nearly two-thirds of the childr▓en had at least one copy of the gene varian▓t,

about the same proportion found in last year's study of mostly white Europeans. That study found that those with one copy of the gene variant had a 30 percent increased risk of obesit▓y, and carriers of two copies had almost a 70 percent▓

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